The Alternative Investment Management Association

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Q1 2014 edition

Issue 98


EDITORIAL - Capital markets and economic growth

Jack Inglis, CEO | AIMA

Jack Inglis highlights new research commissioned by AIMA that has found that debt and equity financing provided by hedge funds and other capital markets participants drives significant economic activity and expansion

AIFMD – Critical cliff or steady course?

Dr Gerald Gonzenbach, Managing Partner, and Ulrich Kobelt, Partner | Enhanced Value Advisory Ltd

Dr Gerald Gonzenbach and Ulrich Kobelt consider regulatory issues regarding the marketing of alternative funds in the EU and Switzerland

Brand is the new performance for hedge funds

Thomas Walek, President | WalekPeppercomm

Tom Walek says that, by building a brand and long-lasting client relationships, hedge funds will be able to achieve something that is far more valuable than last quarter’s performance numbers - a sustainable business

CIMA turns the spotlight on corporate governance for regulated mutual funds

Jon Fowler, Partner, Jonathan Green, Partner, and Philip Millward, Partner | Maples and Calder

Jon Fowler, Jonathan Green and Philip Millward highlight some of CIMA's current position statements about potential future developments and focus on key features of the Statement of Guidance on Corporate Governance for Regulated Mutual Funds

Common compliance traps

By Vipool Desai, CA CFA, President | ARA Compliance Support

Vipool Desai shares three common traps that many small and mid-size firms fall into when applying their regulatory requirements

COREP reporting and CRD IV compliance – How are you positioned?

Priya Mehta, Associate Director | Buzzacott

Priya Mehta discusses the Capital Requirements Directive IV, which became effective in January 2014

Depositary services in a post-AIFMD world

David Rochford, Head of Regulatory Product Development | UBS Fund Services

David Rochford considers the AIFM Directive’s treatment of depositary services – the strict liability regimes and the effect on pricing, the different models available, the different guidance issued by respective national regulators and the emergence of the so-called ‘depositary lite’

Identifying investment fund G-SIFIs - FSB-IOSCO consult on non-bank, non-insurer global systemically important financial institutions

Simon Crown, Partner, Nick O'Neill, Partner, and Mark Shipman, Partner | Clifford Chance

This briefing focuses on the proposed methodology for assessing whether investment funds are G-SIFIs

Regulation in 2014

Ashley Kovas, Head of Funds | Bovill Limited

Ashley Kovas says UK hedge fund managers need to stay abreast of four key regulatory areas as 2014 develops - a focus on the individual, conduct risk, EMIR and AIFMD

Seven key steps to fund governance in 2014 and beyond

Don Seymour, Founder | DMS Offshore Investment Services

In this article, Don Seymour discusses seven key elements for effective fund governance

The evolution of activism

Mark Shaw, Portfolio Manager | Permal Group

Mark Shaw writes how activist investing has returned to the fore and has become more established, better known, and is better understood as a benefit to shareholders

The fixed income securities market – an overlooked giant?

Man Systematic Strategies

The FSA’s “Dear CEO” letter on outsourcing: what should asset managers be doing?

Tom Wheadon, Partner, and Lawrence Brown, Managing Associate | Simmons & Simmons

Tom Wheadon and Lawrence Brown reflect on the FSA's letter on outsourcing and consider what asset managers should be doing now

UK Partnership tax changes – how complex can it be?

Robert Mellor, Partner, and Moonir Kazi, Senior Manager – Tax | PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Robert Mellor and Moonir Kazi set out some of the practical implications which arise from the new rules governing the taxation of partnerships in the UK

UK partnership tax changes – practical considerations

Michael Beart, Director | Kinetic Partners

With the April 2014 implementation date of changes to the taxation of partnerships in the UK fast approaching, Michael Beart discusses some of the practical considerations taxpayers face and the action required


The AIMA Journal is AIMA's flagship publication. It is sent quarterly to AIMA's members,  investors, policymakers, regulators and the media.

We encourage all of our members to contribute to the AIMA Journal.  Anyone wishing to do so is invited to contact  Dominic Tonner.  We look forward to hearing from you.


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