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Meet the regulators and Sr. Fellows

The Faculty of Senior Fellows From Practice™ includes the subject matter experts in their respective discipline or field of study.  Each faculty member is a senior executive of a top asset manager, a high profile regulator, or a Partner of a renowned law or accounting firm.  (Partial list appears below, for a complete list please visit

Luis Aguilar, JD, LLM, Commissioner, SEC
Barton Chilton, Commissioner, CFTC
Kevin O’Connor, JD, Associate Attorney General, U.S. DOJ* (Emeritus)
Troy Paredes, JD, Commissioner, SEC*
Kathleen Casey, JD, Commissioner, SEC*
Paul Atkins, JD, Commissioner, Securities & Exchange Commission*
Roel Campos, JD, Commissioner, Securities & Exchange Commission*
Daniel Driscoll, CPA, EVP & COO, National Futures Association
Andrew Bowden, JD, Director, OCIE, SEC
Norman Champ, JD, Director, Division of IM, SEC
George Cannellos, JD, Co-Director, Enforcement, SEC*
James Burns, JD, Deputy Director, Trading & Markets, SEC
David Blass, JD, Chief Counsel, Division of Trading & Markets, SEC
Regina Thoele, Senior Vice President, National Futures Association
Patricia Cushing, CPA, Director of Compliance, NFA
Richard Tarlowe, JD, Chief, Complex Frauds Unit, US DOJ SDNY
David Chaves, JD, New York Supervisory Special Agent, FBI
Carlo di Florio, JD, LLM, EVP, Risk Strategy, FINRA
Erozan Kurtas, PhD, Assistant Director, SEC
Julie Riewe, JD, Co-Chief, AMU, SEC
Anthony Kelly, JD, Assistant Director, Division of Enforcement, SEC
Shelby Weldon, Director, Licensing & Authorizations, BMA
Cindy Scotland, Managing Director, CIMA

Asset management firms
Simon Lorne, JD, Vice Chairman & CLO, Millennium Partners
Mark Polemeni, JD, CCO, Citadel
Martin Schwartz, JD, CPA, CCO, Millennium Partners
Brendan Kalb, JD, GC, AQR
Doug Anderson, JD, CCO, Canyon
Brian Guzman, JD, GC & Partner, Indus Capital
Scott Pomfrett, JD, Regulatory Counsel, Highfields Capital
Michael Neus, JD, GC & CCO, Perry Capital
Dov Lando, JD, GC & CCO, MKP
Gregory Push, JD, CCO, HabourVest
Brian Traficante, JD, SVP Legal, York Capital Management
Bruce Karpati, JD, Global CCO, KKR
Thomas Larkin, CPA, CFO, Avenue Capital
Scott Sherman, JD, Managing Director, Blackstone
Kat Olin, CCO, Indus Capital
Thomas Kennedy, CCO Arden Asset Management
Barbara Keller, CCO, Nomura Asset Management
HJ Wilcox, JD, CCO, AQR
Daniel Margolis, JD, GC, Ellington Management
Matthew Siano, JD, GC, Two Sigma Investments
Nir Messafi, CFO, Fortress
Adam Finger, JD, GC, Balyasny
Forest Wolfe, JD, GC & CCO, Angelo, Gordon & Co
John Hornbostel, GC, K2 Advisors
John Oliva, CCO, Highbridge
Noah Greenhill, JD, GC - Alternative Funds, JP Morgan
Helane Morrison, JD, GC, & CCO, Hall Capital

Top 10 international law firms
George Mazin, JD, Partner, Dechert
David Vaughn, JD, Partner, Dechert
Kevin Scanlan, JD, Partner, Dechert
Adam Wasserman, JD, Partner, Dechert
Robert Van Grover, JD, Partner, Seward & Kissel
Rory Cohen, JD, Partner, Mayer Brown
Christopher Wells, JD, Partner, Proskauer Rose
Michael Renetzky, JD, Partner, LockeLord
Nathan Greene, JD, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Barnabas Reynolds, LLM, Partner, Shearman & Sterling
Robert Kaplan, JD, Partner, Debevoise
Ingrid Pierce, LLB, Managing Partner, Walkers
Andrew Fish, JD, Partner, LockeLord
Mark Perlow, JD, Partner, K&L Gates
Tim Clark, JD, Partner, O’Melveny & Myers
Mark Whatley, JD, Partner, Sidley Austin
Heather Treager, JD, Partner, O’Melveny & Myers
Steven Obie, JD, Partner, Jones Day
George Cannellos, Partner, Millbank Tweed
Reed Brodsky, JD, Partner, Gibson Dunn
Andrew Oringer, JD, Partner, Dechert

Big 4 assurance services firms
Art Tully, CPA, Co-leader, Global Hedge Fund Practice, EY
Michael Serrota, Co-leader Global Hedge Fund Practice, EY
Jeffery Short, Partner, EY
Don MacNeal, CPA, Partner, EY
Alan Fish, CPA, Principal, EY
Ralph Mittl, Principal, EY
Dan New, Executive Director, EY
Alex Johnson, CPA, Partner, EY
Samer Ojjeh, Principal, EY
Jonathan Ansbacher, CPA, Partner, EY
James Suglia, Principal/US Advisory Sector Leader, KPMG
John Schneider, CPA, Partner, KPMG
Sean McKee, CPA, National Audit Leader – Investment Mgmt., KPMG
Howard Altman, CPA, Partner, KPMG
Chris Mears, CPA, Partner, KPMG
Michael Oates, CPA Partner, KPMG
Thomas Biolsi, Principal, PwC (Emeritus)



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