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Industry events

This list contains events organised by third-party organisations which we believe may be of interest to our members.


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  1. AIMA Events
    1. Jersey Briefing
    2. AIMA NY Global Regulatory Seminar
    3. AIMA JOBS Act Seminar
    4. The Coming Revolution in Hedge Fund Marketing
    5. AIFMD and Beyond: The Future of EU Asset Management Regulation
    6. Opportunities & Challenges of Investing in Hedge Funds
    7. Developments in derivatives markets: Implications for the buy-side
    8. AIMA's Global Policy & Regulatory Forum 2013
    9. AIMA Brazil Drinks Reception
    10. AIMA - Ireland Briefing
    11. AIMA Breakfast Briefing - Remuneration under AIFMD
    12. AIMA Brazil Network Working Lunch Series 2013
    13. One down - Two to go: Coordinating Operational Responses to AIFMD and Forms PF and CPO-PQR
    14. AIMA Middle East Hedge Fund Forum
    15. AIMA Breakfast Briefing - OTC Clearing: Transaction Reporting Obligations in a Centrally Cleared World
    16. Hedge Fund Branding Workshop
    17. AIFMD Implementation Event
    18. AIMA Scandinavian Members’ Briefing
    19. AIMA France Briefing
    20. AIMA Breakfast Seminar - Hedge Fund Capital Raising In Latin America
    21. AIMA Brazil Briefing & Networking Drinks: "Standardization of Swaps"
    22. AIMA Next Generation Manager Forum
    23. AIMA Breakfast Briefing: Global Transaction Reporting
    24. ALFI & AIMA Member Seminar: The Evolving Role and Responsibilities of Depositaries under AIFMD
    25. AIMA Breakfast Briefing: The State of Play of US Swaps Regulation with Commissioner Scott O'Malia of the CFTC
    26. AIMA Breakfast Briefing: Global Regulatory Update
    27. AIMA Breakfast Seminar: Understanding the Hedge Fund Landscape in Brazil
    28. AIMA Switzerland Briefing - Zurich
    29. AIMA Switzerland Briefing - Geneva
    30. AIMA Summer Drinks Reception
    31. OTC/ETD EMIR and Global Reporting Requirements Webinar
    32. LEI in Europe and Across the Globe Webinar
    33. Breakfast Seminar: AIFMD: The road to implementation
    34. AIFMD: The road to implementation
    35. Unlocking the Middle East's Capital
    36. Launch of AIMA's new Guide to Sound Practices on Valuation
    37. AIMA - Channel Islands Briefing
    38. AIMA's Global Policy & Regulatory Forum 2014
    39. Insurance Issues and the AIFMD - the next steps
    40. AIMA Next Generation Manager Forum 2014
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  3. Industry events