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Founded in 1990, the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) is the global representative of the hedge fund industry. We represent all practitioners in the alternative investment management industry – including hedge fund managers, fund of hedge funds managers, prime brokers, legal and accounting firms, investors, fund administrators and independent fund directors.

Our membership is corporate and comprises over 1,400 firms (with over 8,000 individual contacts) in more than 50 countries. AIMA’s manager members manage a combined $1.5 trillion in assets (as of March 2014). AIMA members benefit from our active influence in policy development, our leadership in industry initiatives and our outstanding reputation with regulators.

Why join?

Regulatory updates: AIMA members receive comprehensive regulatory updates.

Education and Sound Practices: AIMA members are given access to our full range of sound practices material, covering hedge fund management, valuation and asset pricing, administration, governance, business continuity, due diligence questionnaires for managers and service providers, offshore alternative fund directors and fund of hedge funds managers.

Intelligence at your fingertips: Our members get access to our large online library of industry knowledge and expertise. Additionally, they receive our weekly newsletter, covering all the latest key industry and regulatory developments, and our flagship quarterly publication, the AIMA Journal, to which only our members may contribute.

Member events: Our Annual Conference, open to all AIMA members, attracts leading speakers from the industry and among policymakers, and hundreds of delegates, from around the world. We also hold regular events for our members globally, which provide helpful intelligence to delegates and networking opportunities.

Global forum: Our members are able to share ideas and influence outcomes by either joining one of our many committees and regulatory working groups or by taking part in one of our many events around the world, including our global Policy & Regulatory Forum and the AIMA Annual Conference.

A positive start: Due to the amount of information available from AIMA and assistance we can provide through sound practices guidance, membership of AIMA is often one of the first steps taken by new firms in the industry, wherever they are based.

Global members: Discounts on membership fees are available to firms with offices in multiple locations.




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If you have any questions about membership, contact Fiona Treble, Associate Director, Membership.
She can be reached on +44 (0)20 7822 8380 or by email at

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