AIMA Digital Assets Survey

Published: 02 March 2021

As part of our aim to support the growth of the digital assets industry, particularly as it intersects with investment management, we are today launching our digital assets survey. This survey is targeted at “traditional” hedge funds as opposed to those investment managers with digital-asset-only funds. We would appreciate our service provider members sharing this survey with hedge funds in their networks, keeping in mind this is intended for asset managers that are not exclusively investing in digital assets, or not investing in digital assets at all.

All data from this survey will only be presented or shared in the aggregate. It will not be attributed, or attributable, to any specific firm or person. 

  • The survey can be completed by asset managers online here
  • If you are unable to access Survey Monkey or wish to view the full set of questions without clicking through the survey, please click here. For question 3, if yes, complete questions 4-10; if no, complete 11-13. This skip logic is embedded directly in the online version.

In collaboration with PwC, Elwood Asset Management and AIMA's Digital Assets Working Group (DAWG), the findings from this survey will feed into a report providing an overview of the global digital assets landscape for hedge funds to be published in May 2021.

Many thanks for your support.