AIMA Webinar Replay: Fixed Income Pricing: Fundamentals vs Markets

Published: 22 September 2020



Please join AIMA and PricingDirect on September 22nd, for look at how COVID-19 market disruptions have impacted fixed income valuation. The discussion will be most relevant for those in asset pricing, risk management, investment fund operations, data management, and governance functions.

The agenda will cover:

  • legal update on SEC Rule 2a-5
  • fund governance
  • fixed income pricing


  • Jay Baris, Partner, Investment Funds, Sidley
  • Ify Ezike, Director, BlackRock
  • Unmesh Bhide, Managing Director, J.P.Morgan PricingDirect 


  • Suzan Rose, Senior Advisor, AIMA


For those who have additional questions and wish to contact J.P.Morgan PricingDirect directly, please email [email protected].