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Sponsoring Partners

AIMA’s Sponsoring Partners play a vital role in assisting AIMA in undertaking our activities on behalf of our members internationally and enhancing the level of sound practices within the industry.  Sponsoring Partnership is by invitation only.


Bloomberg Clifford Chance CME Group Dechert




K&L Gates






PwC small



State Street

Wells Fargo






All information supplied in the following sponsoring partner profiles has been provided by the member company and its accuracy is not guaranteed by AIMA.


Further information on Bloomberg can be found at

Clifford Chance

Further information on Clifford Chance can be found at

CME Group

Further information on CME Group can be found at


Dechert is a leading adviser to financial services firms, asset managers and investment funds, representing clients ranging from small start-up and boutique operations to some of the largest financial institutions in the world, including 18 of the top 20 global asset management firms. Our international team advises on regulatory and compliance matters; the formation and management of open- and closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds, insurance products, offshore funds and hedge funds; investigations by regulatory authorities; and litigation. We serve as transactional counsel and handle regulatory issues in mergers and acquisitions of financial services companies and funds. We also advise on the operational integration of diversified financial institutions, tax, Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), executive compensation and employee benefits matters. 

With over 180 financial services lawyers working throughout 16 offices firmwide, Dechert is the only law firm with offices in the key fund jurisdictions of London, Dublin and Luxembourg.  We are consistently recognised as a top law firm for investment funds by a number of publications in Europe, the U.S., Asia and the Middle East, including Chambers, The Legal 500 and Best Lawyers.

For further details:
T +44 (0)20 7184 7318


Further information on Deloitte can be found at

EY 175

EY has earned a reputation as the preeminent advisor serving hedge funds. We provide advice, ideas and recommendations tailored to meet the needs of entrepreneurial alternative asset managers, banks, brokerage firms and traditional asset managers entering the alternative asset management business. We are the leading service provider to onshore and offshore hedge funds and have been ranked the number one accounting firm in the Advest and HedgeWorld surveys. We have been named “Best Accounting Firm” by Hedge Funds Review for two consecutive years, “Best Advisory Firm” three times by HFM Week, “Best Audit Services/Accounting Firm” by HFM Week for four consecutive years, and “Best Accounting Firm” and “Best Deal Advisor” by Hedge Fund Journal.

EY has a team that brings together the knowledge and skills required to meet and exceed the demands of clients managing and investing assets around the world. We are the market leader in our chosen sphere and provide services to approximately 75% of the top 100 global hedge funds.

Client teams are multidisciplinary, drawing on extensive experience in such areas as accounting, regulatory, tax, transactions, derivatives, executive compensation and risk management.
For more information, go to

K&L Gates

Further information on K&L Gates can be found at


Further information on KPMG can be found at


Macfarlanes provides a premium service for the world’s leading businesses and business leaders.

  • Our Hedge Fund Group forms part of the wider Investment Management practice and pulls together various experts in funds, regulation, tax, finance and derivatives and trading.
  • Our lawyers have been acting for hedge funds since the birth of the European hedge fund industry in the mid-1990s.
  • We assist hedge funds at all stages of their life cycle.
    • We have hedge fund specialists in funds and tax who can advise start-ups in a cost-efficient way.
    • We are not just a firm of start-up specialists. We see the launch of the fund as just the start of the process and are equally focused on the ongoing deployment of assets. Our derivatives and trading team is the only specialist team of its size in the City.
    • We can also help those managers that are looking to expand (through team moves, other new products or by corporate transactions).
  • Given the international nature of the hedge fund industry we are able to offer a single point of contact and can co-ordinate advice across all relevant jurisdictions.
  • Our lawyers understand the requirements of a hedge fund manager in both a legal and business context. Our advice is not limited to the establishment of offshore master/feeder funds. We have advised, amongst others, publicly listed closed-ended funds, alternative UCITS funds and hybrid funds.
  • Since the advent of AIFMD, European managers are promoting European regulated products that demand European solutions.  Macfarlanes is at the forefront of these developments.

Contact: Simon Thomas,, or Dan Harris,

Further information on Macfarlanes can be found at


About Man Group
Man Group is a leading alternative investment management business with a diverse offering in hedge funds and long only products across equity, credit, managed futures, convertibles, emerging markets, global macro and multi-manager solutions. At 30 Sep 2014, Man managed $72.3 billion. The original business was founded in 1783. Today, Man Group plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a member of the FTSE 250 Index with a market capitalisation of around £3.0 billion. Man also supports many awards, charities and initiatives around the world, including sponsoring the Man Booker literary prizes. Further information can be found at


Further information on Maples can be found at


Permal Group is a leading global alternative asset manager offering investment solutions through established funds and customized portfolios. Today, the Group manages approximately $22 billion with a global investment team based in New York and London, and additional investment resources in Singapore and Paris. Clients include sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, endowments, foundations, insurance companies, family offices, private banks and high net worth individuals. The Group has established offices in Europe, America and Asia, and extensive networks of experienced managers and relationships around the globe.

Established in 1973, Permal is today part of the Legg Mason Group of Companies. Legg Mason is one of the world's largest asset management firms with a diverse family of independent investment managers who are each widely recognized for their specialized expertise, commitment to long-term performance and outstanding client service.

More information can be found at



Further information on PwC can be found at


Our hedge fund practice has been providing authoritative advice to hedge fund sponsors and managers since this dynamic industry was first established in Europe.

A market leader, we act for many of the best known hedge fund managers. Our clients include both specialist hedge fund firms and many institutional fund management houses based in the UK and across Europe, the US and Asia.

With the largest hedge fund team of any UK law firm, we provide the full range of legal services required by hedge fund clients, including: funds, regulatory, prime brokerage and derivatives documentation, ownership structures, M&A, taxation, employment, intellectual property, IT and litigation.

The quality of our practice has been recognised as follows: Simmons & Simmons has been named Best European Law Firm of the Year at the reader-nominated HedgeWeek Awards 2012. The firm has also been awarded The Leading Law Firm at the Hedge Fund Journal Awards 2012 – this is the second year running that the firm has won the double accolade.

For more details:
T +44 (0)20 7628 2020


Further information on Societe Generale can be found at

State Street 

Our clients face big challenges. Risk. Regulation. Complexity. It’s those challenges that inspire our solutions. Globally, we partner with institutional investors to provide financial solutions that span the investment spectrum, including investment management, investment research and trading, and investment servicing. Through our operations in 29 countries, we service more than 100 markets. Our global reach, expertise and unique combination of consistency and innovation help you manage uncertainty, act on growth opportunities, optimize cost structures and enhance the value of your services.

For more information, visit

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Global Fund Services offers comprehensive fund administration and middle-office and operations services to alternative investment managers worldwide.  Our services include hedge fund administration, private equity administration, middle-office and operations services, cash and collateral management, OTC derivative operations, mortgage fund services and compliance and transparency services.  Our clients also receive access to RealSTP, Wells Fargo's real-time, intraday system with portfolio management and risk, middle and back office operations, fund accounting, and investor services modules.

Further information on Wells Fargo can be found at






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