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Comment: Sohail Jaffer

HFMWeek, October 2012

Sohail Jaffer, AIMA's Middle East representative, discusses the association's recently launched Middle East initiative.

Statistical flaws found in hedge fund study

FTfm, August 2012

AIMA's Andrew Baker discussed the AIMA Research Committee paper on the book ‘The Hedge Fund Mirage’ (here) in this column for the Financial Times' FTfm section.

Comment: Andrew Baker

HFMWeek, August 2012

AIMA's Andrew Baker discussed the AIMA Research Committee paper on the book ‘The Hedge Fund Mirage’ in this column for HFMWeek.

Hedge funds prove their worth over the long term

Absolute Return magazine, June 2012

In a column for the June issue of AR magazine, AIMA’s Andrew Baker discussed the findings of recent research commissioned by AIMA and KPMG into the merits of hedge funds. The article was also published by AR’s sister title Institutional Investor.

Comment: Andrew Baker

HFMWeek, April 2012

In the latest of his regular columns for HFMWeek, Andrew Baker discusses the European Commission’s draft AIFMD implementation rules.

AIMA View: In defence of hedge funds

HedgeFund Intelligence Global Review 2012, March 2012

In a column for the HFI Global Review, Andrew Baker says institutional investors are taking a sophisticated and long-term view of hedge funds and the part they can play in a modern investment portfolio.

Comment: Andrew Baker

HFMWeek, January 2012

In a column for HFMWeek, Andrew discusses AIMA’s updated DDQ and Guide to Sound Practices for Prime Brokers.

In defence of hedge funds: Institutional investors are giving a vote of confidence

City AM, January 2012

In a column for City AM, Andrew Baker argues that the suggestion that ‘the hedge fund model is broken’ is mistaken.

Hedge fund book’s analysis is nothing new

Financial Times, January 2012

In this column for the FT, Andrew Baker discussed the new book ‘The Hedge Fund Mirage’ by Simon Lack.

FTT may hit newer EU member states especially hard

GFS News, January 2012

In this column for GFS News, AIMA Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs Jiri Krol says the proposed European financial transaction tax may hit newer EU member states especially hard.

AIMA comments on proposed financial transactions tax (FTT) in Europe

GFS News, January 2012

In a column for GFS News, Jiri Krol said the European Commission’s proposals for an FTT are unworkable and will damage the internal market.

The Long

HFMWeek, January 2012

In our latest column for HFMWeek, Andrew Baker reviewed AIMA’s recently published DDQ and Guide to Sound Practices for Prime Brokers.

The Long

HFMWeek, December 2011

AIMA's Director of Communications Christen Thomson says the industry has made progress in the last three years in terms of how it is perceived by the general public, investors, regulators, policymakers and the press.

Assessing the assets

Public Service Review, December 2011

Andrew Baker gave an overview of the increasing institutionalisation of the hedge fund industry in this column for Public Service Review magazine.

It’s just common sense

Funds Europe, November 2011

Andrew Baker discussed the social and economic value of the hedge fund industry in a column for Funds Europe magazine.

Don’t end naked credit default swaps in Europe

City AM, October 2011

AIMA's Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs Jiri Krol defended the use of uncovered naked credit default swaps in this column for the London newspaper City AM.

Reasons not to ban naked sovereign CDS

FTfm, October 2011

In a column for the FT’s fund management section FTfm, Andrew Baker writes that a possible ban on naked sovereign credit default swaps (CDS) in Europe “could have severe consequences for both global debt markets and the economies of EU member states with sovereign debt problems”.

AIMA looks back at the institutionalisation of the industry

InvestHedge, September 2011

In a column for the 10-year anniversary edition of InvestHedge, Andrew Baker took a look at change and innovation in hedge funds over the past decade.

Hoary old myths about hedge funds

Financial Times, August 2011

In a letter to the Financial Times, Andrew Baker countered the myths about the hedge fund industry that featured in a recent column in the newspaper.

The value of hedge funds

HFI Global Review 2011, June 2011

Andrew Baker wrote a column for Global Review 2011, published by HedgeFund Intelligence, about the social and economic value of the hedge fund industry.

Hedge funds are not ‘shadow banks’

FTfm, May 2011

In a column for FTfm, the Financial Times’ fund management section, Andrew Baker said hedge funds should not be considered part of a “shadow banking” industry.

Comment: AIFMD Level 2 update

HFMWeek, May 2011

In this column for HFMWeek, Andrew Baker gives an update on AIFMD level 2.

Asset segregation in OTC markets

GFS News, April 2011

In an article for GFS News, Jiri Krol discusses the European Commission's proposals on asset segregation in the over-the-counter derivatives market.

Why short selling is good for capital markets

Financial Times, February 2011

Andrew Baker of AIMA explains the positive impact of short-selling, both for market participants and financial regulators.

Hedge funds play an important role in society

City AM, December 2010

In a column for City AM, AIMA CEO Andrew Baker says the hedge fund industry has an important social role and provides value to the broader economy beyond facilitating market efficiency.

Comment by Andrew Baker: AIFMD lessons learned

HFMWeek, December 2010

Andrew Baker sets out the lessons that should be learned from the AIFMD legislative phase in this column for HFMWeek.

Good value in short selling

Financial News, November 2010

Andrew Baker writes that "in an environment where there is much debate about how to improve financial stability and to build a robust early-warning system capable of detecting the build-up of unwanted market and systemic risks, hedge funds could have a useful role to play".

Fin reg fallout

Institutional Investor, September 2010

Andrew Baker writes a column for U.S. publication Institutional Investor about the global regulatory environment.

AIFMD finish in sight

EU Reporter, September 2010 (pp20-21)

Andrew Baker says that European policymakers are entering the final lap after more than a year of working on the Directive.

Final countdown

Hedge magazine, September 2010 (p47)

The AIFMD is nearing completion, writes Andrew Baker.

A matter of choice

Investment & Pensions Europe, September 2010

Andrew Baker says the AIFMD could restrict choice and impose some unreasonable burdens on depositaries.

Comment: Andrew Baker

HFM Week, August 2010

Andrew Baker comments on how AIMA is seeking to neutralise ignorant and prejudiced attacks on the hedge fund industry.

The institutionalisation of the hedge fund industry

Hedge Fund Journal, July 2010

This is a thought leadership article by AIMA Chairman Todd Groome on the “institutionalisation” of the hedge fund industry. It was an abridged version of a longer article that was due to follow in the Q3 2010 issue of the AIMA Journal.

Comment: Andrew Baker

HFM Week, June 2010

Andrew Baker comments on the AIFM Directive for HFM Week.

A global regulatory framework

HedgeFund Intelligence Global Review 2010, May 2010

In this column for the HedgeFund Intelligence Global Review 2010, Andrew Baker outlines some of the global regulatory responses to the financial crisis.

Don't blame hedge funds for world's woes

FTfm, May 2010

Florence Lombard, the former chief executive of AIMA, wrote this valedictory piece for the Financial Times' FTfm supplement.

Comment: Andrew Baker

HFM Week, April 2010

Andrew Baker comments on the AIFM Directive for HFM Week.

Money talks

The Parliament Magazine, April 2010

Andrew Baker wrote an article about the latest developments with the AIFM Directive for The Parliament (page 35), the twice-monthly publication read by European Union officials. Andrew’s piece appeared in a special report on the Directive that also included contributions by Directive Rapporteur Jean-Paul Gauzes, European Socialists leader Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, MEP Syed Kamall and Javier Echarri of EVCA.

Striving for financial stability

Complinet Informer, March 2010

Writing in Complinet’s Informer magazine (pp8-9), Andrew Baker said the hedge fund industry supported transparency and desired financial stability.

Comment: Andrew Baker

HFM Week, February 2010

Writing in HFM Week, AIMA's CEO Andrew Baker says the hedge fund industry supports greater transparency.

Draft's winds of change

Hedge magazine, February 2010

AIMA’s Andrew Baker noted that the process in drafting the AIFM Directive has been complex.

Hedge funds should contribute to stability

FTfm, January 2010

In a thought leadership piece in the Financial Times’ FTfm publication, AIMA’s Todd Groome highlighted key issues to consider when tackling systemic risk.

Man on a mission

Hedge Funds Review, October 2009

A major profile of AIMA Chairman Todd Groome.

Hedging your bets

Financial Services Technology, October 2009

AIMA's Andrew Baker says that the draft Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) directive could threaten jobs and pension returns, and concentrate risk rather than dissipating it.

Best laid plans

Hedge, October 2009

AIMA’s Andrew Baker discusses the progress being made with the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) directive campaign in this article for Hedge magazine.

Europe's misguided directive

Pensions Insight, October 2009

AIMA's Andrew Baker looks at the AIFM directive campaign from the perspective of pension funds and other institutional investors in this article for Pensions Insight magazine.

Hedge funds and current issues

SFAF Financial Analysis Journal, March 2009

Ahead of the G20 Summit, AIMA was asked to write an article setting out its efforts ahead of the Summit and its views on the future outlook for the industry.

Shorting - an essential, endangered hedge

FTfm, June 2008

In line with AIMA’s brief to champion the industry and educate its observers, an article by Andrew Baker arguing in favour of short-selling was published in the influential Talking Head column of FTfm, the Financial Times’ weekly investment industry supplement.

Hedge funds - is regulation needed?

Kangaroo Group, June 2008

The Kangaroo Group, an association which includes members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and Council, recently invited AIMA to submit an article to their quarterly newsletter. Consisting of articles written by key industry figures, the newsletter provides information and opinions on legal and political developments in the European Union. Florence Lombard's article on the regulation of hedge funds and the myths surrounding the hedge fund industry can be read here.

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