AIMA Australia CFO/COO Round Table (for Managers members)


AIMA Australia’s CFO/COO round table is an informal meeting for member managers CFO/COO and Ops related  staff to interact and discuss issues with strict Chatham House rules.  This roundtable is open to managers members only and the topics of the discussion will be set by attendees.
Please feel free to pass this invite on to the CFO/COO or equivalent in your organisation.
It is intended that attendees are free to discuss issues/problems in an open and confidential environment. Attendees will determine the agenda by advising of their topic suggestions (in the box at the bottom of the screen when registering).
NB: Chatham House rules will apply. This event is only open manager members CFO/COO or equivalent in your organisation.
Please register before 5.00pm on Monday 27th July, 2020