AIMA Fund Manager Briefing: Brexit - key political and policy considerations for the road ahead

UK Brexit

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Although talks have faltered on three remaining issues (state aid, fisheries and the nature of the future relationship) a number of outcomes remain on the table, spanning from a negotiated agreement to an acrimonious split with no deal in place.

For financial services, the tone of the talks may be as important as the remaining detail, as the UK and EU’s ongoing willingness to cooperate, and avoid tit for tat exchanges, will be central to avoiding friction between the two markets once the transition period lapses.

In this webinar, David Gauke, head of public policy at Macfarlanes, will share his views on the political and policy considerations regarding the future of the UK’s relationship with the EU after 1 January 2021, the key political issues that are likely to play out in the post-Brexit relationship and the UK’s possible divergence from EU legislation.

David Gauke previously worked in government holding a number of roles, most recently as the Lord Chancellor.

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