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Opening Remarks


 Panel 1: ESG in All its Colors - Current Trends in Portfolio Integration and Regulation


Panel 2: APAC Regulatory Issues to Bear in Mind - Updates


Presentation of the AIMA/ CAIA Scholarship Award


STREAM ONE - Room One: Bouncebackability – Maintaining Operational Resilience


STREAM ONE - Room Two: Talent CrossRoads - Onwards and Upwards?


STREAM TWO - Room One: Have the IR Rules of Engagement Changed Post Covid / Quarantine


STREAM TWO - Room Two: The Metaverse of Madness – Riding the Gap Between Hype and Impact


STREAM THREE - Room One: Twist or Bust: Current State of Play and Opportunities in China


STREAM THREE - Room Two: Has the Confidence Been Shaken – Latest Trends in Digital Assets


STREAM FOUR - Room One: Long Story Short: China's (Re)-Opening Up


STREAM FOUR - Room Two: Cyber Security and Data Privacy Issues – Key Trends and Updates


STREAM FIVE - Room One: Warts and All - APAC Tax Update


STREAM FIVE - Room Two: AIMA Lift: "Dream Team" - How Inclusive Teams Perform Better


Closing Remarks