Greg Kaufmann

Institutional Fundraiser, HeartRithm

Greg Kaufmann oversees Institutional Fundraising at HeartRithm. HeartRithm is a crypto-centric quantitative asset manager founded in January 2020 that utilizes market neutral strategies. The strategies are designed to deliver consistent investor returns with low drawdowns across all market environments. Equally important, the firm has a social and environmental impact orientation with 5% of performance fees currently going to impact initiatives, with this eventually scaling to 50%.

Prior to HeartRithm, Greg oversaw Sales, Marketing, and Investor Relations at GMT Capital & Tensile Capital as well as did Capital Introduction at BNP Paribas and Bank of America. He is very involved with the Chartered Alternative Investment (CAIA) Association. Prior to working in investment management, he was an international business journalist and also marketed stereolithography resins used in 3D printing. Greg earned a MBA from Duke University and a BA from the University of Delaware. He loves talking about DeFi and don’t get him started on NFTs.