David Mace

Chief Operating Officer, Altavista Investment Management UK LLP

David joined Altavista Investment Management UK LLP as the Chief Operating Officer in July 2011. Altavista principally manages a global equity long/short fund.
Prior to joining Altavista, David was COO at Praxient Capital LLP from September 2007, establishing the Praxient Panther fund (a European event-driven fund) and before that from March 2003 at Pembroke Capital Management LLP, establishing the Magenta fund ( a global equity market-neutral fund). At all three firms David was responsible for all aspects of the business except the investment management process and marketing, and in particular responsible for operations, technology, finance and compliance.

Prior to becoming involved with hedge funds, David spent 18 years in front office, finance and operations roles at a number of major investment banks, including Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers, BNP Paribas and SG Warburg. David has also spent time as a Compliance Officer, working for the Securities and Investments Board, the forerunner of the Financial Conduct Authority and with Clark Whitehill Chartered Accountants.

David is a Chartered Accountant, and holds a BA in Economics from the University of East Anglia.