Andrew Woodruff

Chief Investment Officer, Black Lotus Capital

Andrew Woodruff, CFA – Chief Investment Officer

Before co-founding Black Lotus, Andrew was a founding member of the specialized research team at Slate Path Capital, a multi-billion dollar long / short hedge fund. During his tenure, Andrew developed a deep expertise in various parts of the research process across crypto, equities, commodities, and macro, with his personal investment experience in crypto dating back to 2017. He also helped lead the build out of Slate Path’s early-stage crypto investment research and processes.

Prior to Slate Path, Andrew was an investment research analyst at Fielder Capital, Arch Capital, and Hawkshaw Capital, and spent 3+ years working at J.P. Morgan Chase in their Global Emerging Markets trading division.

Andrew is also an active angel investor and advisor to a collection of startup organizations, both in and outside of crypto, and holds a BS from Syracuse University and an MBA from Columbia Business School, including achieving the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst.