Yousuf Khan

Partner, Financial Services, Asia Pacific Asset and Wealth Management ESG Leader, PwC

Yousuf is a PwC Partner that helps clients rethink their business model as well as address current challenges with respect to ESG/Responsible investing in front, middle and back office organizations. He has over 18 years of international experience with financial and regulatory advisory for private banks, asset managers, wealth managers as well as captive insurance and banking asset managers in Switzerland and in the United States of America. He recently joined the Hong Kong firm from Switzerland.

As a lead partner on advisory and audit engagements within the financial service industry, Yousuf has navigated the complexity of national and international regulated clients for many years.

Relevant experience:

Asset and Wealth Management – Private equity and hedge funds

Captive Asset Manager - Insurance

Captive Asset Manager/Wealth Manager - Bank

Lead strategic review and impact assessment on EU Sustainable finance Action Plan to the operating model