Paul Horvath

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Orchard Global.

Orchard Global provides lending and risk-transfer solutions across a range of private and public markets strategies. Orchard manages capital on behalf of pensions, sovereigns, endowments, hospitals, educational institutions, families, and many others around the world; offering private credit and public credit strategies by leveraging complex structuring capabilities, an in-house legal team, comprehensive credit expertise, and global reach.

Prior to co-founding Orchard Global, Horvath held leadership roles in credit, structured credit, alternative assets, and derivatives at J.P Morgan and Merrill Lynch from 1994 to 2008. During his time at JPM, he helped create and grow the Credit Derivatives, Credit Correlation, Structured Credit and Bank Regulatory Capital Relief markets, helping banks manage the capital exposure through repeated economic downturns.

While at Merrill, he helped to create non-dollar high yield, the non-dollar ABS, the Trust Preferred and the Alternative Tier One capital markets in Europe and America. Further, Horvath held positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Bear Stearns, where he monitored the Mortgaged-Backed Securities sector as well as the Bank and Thrift industry.

While starting his educational career in D.C. and spending substantial time there with his family throughout his professional career, Horvath has built longstanding relationships in U.S. Politics. Viewed as a financial thought leader, he is often in touch with key Congressmen and Representatives during fiscal policy initiatives, elections, and global developments. He maintains close contacts on both sides of the aisle including: current and former Speakers of the House, Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, Treasury Officials, and former U.S. Presidents. Additionally, he maintains a strong commitment to the North Atlantic Alliance through his participation in the Munich Security Conference and relationship with Bundestag Members and European Finance Ministers. Horvath holds a BS in Economics and International Relations from Georgetown University and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.