Benoit Vatere

CEO and Founder, Mammoth Media

Always at the intersection of technology and mobile entertainment, Benoit Vatere is the CEO/Co-Founder of Mammoth Media, the mobile publishing and technology company that builds modern digital experiences for Generation Z. Backed by Science Blockchain, Greylock Partners, CMT Digital and Aarington Capital, amongst many, Mammoth owns and operates multiple apps, Snapchat Minis and Shows, and the TikTok Creator Network, Creatorly, collectively engaging over 100 million monthly active users across its properties. Previously, Vatere served as CEO and General Manager of Playhaven, a mobile gaming monetization platform that employed deep user segmentation. Additionally, he has co-founded technology companies magnify360 and Vatere is also behind the first of its kind gateway to NFTs and crypto for Gen Z, and decentralized virtual goods and digital collectibles to define Gen Z’s identity.