Caterina Giordo

Brand, Creative and Content Associate Director

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Caterina joined AIMA in March 2020 and she is currently Brand, Creative and Content Associate Director. In her role, she oversees the integration of the AIMA website and social channels to ensure maximum exposure of key messaging and brand awareness. She leads on the creation and publication of the AIMA Journal and on the production of AIMA's weekly podcast, The Long-Short.

Additionally, she works on all things digital, producing video/audio content, as well as infographics and other digital content for AIMA's research, events and global regulatory teams.

Prior to joining AIMA, Caterina worked as a Receptionist and Office Administrator at AEW Europe for a little over a year, and spent several years working as a Web Content Editor (Italian) and illustrator.

Caterina holds a Bachelor in Visual and Performing Arts from the Rome University of Fine Arts.