Chris Brodersen

Managing Director, Eisner Advisory Group

Chris Brodersen is a Managing Director in the firm's Business Advisory Group. With nearly 40 years of experience, Chris holds vast cross-industry expertise in applying blockchain technology and digital asset solutions. 

With a wide-ranging background collaborating across private and public sectors, Chris brings diverse industry experience in Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Logistics. Specializing in blockchain applications and use cases, particularly Digital Assets, Chris serves as a knowledgeable educator and guide to the firm's practitioners and clients. Offering valuable insights, Chris assists in harnessing the potential of emerging blockchain technologies. Furthermore, Chris plays a key role in leading and enhancing the firm's expertise in the blockchain and digital asset domain, driving growth and advancement in the existing practice.

Prior to joining the firm, Chris served as a Blockchain Lab Leader at a Big 4 accounting firm, guiding blockchain applicability to C-suite leaders and executives. Chris played a pivotal role in establishing client blockchain delivery hubs and ecosystems, directing educational sessions and ideation workshops to explore use cases. Leading proof-of-concept projects and facilitating production environments, Chris demonstrated expertise across various industries, driving conversations and showcasing the profound capabilities of blockchain. Additionally, as an active collaborator within an innovation hub, Chris explores the connection between blockchain, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Chris has written numerous content pieces sharing his insights on the transformative power of blockchain applications. He also created educational materials for various audiences, including presentation materials for CPAs seeking continuing education credits. Collaborating with Fortune 500 companies and professional organizations, Chris contributes to influential thought leadership publications.