John Schindler

Secretary General, FSB

John Schindler joined the FSB as the Secretary General in February 2023. Prior to that, Mr Schindler spent more than 20 years at the Federal Reserve Board (FRB), most recently as a Senior Associate Director in the FRB’s Division of Financial Stability. In that role, he helped set strategic direction for the division as part of the senior leadership team and served as the first chair of the FRB’s Financial Stability Climate Committee. During the Global Financial Crisis, he was seconded to the US Treasury Department as Chief International Economist, and from 2015-2016, he was seconded to the FSB Secretariat. Mr Schindler also taught classes at Johns Hopkins University for more than 15 years and published research on a variety of topics in both economic and finance journals. He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelors degree in economics and mathematics from Washington and Lee University. He is married and has five children.