Patrick Bronger

Expert Portfolio Manager Hedge Funds & Alternative Alpha, APG Asset Management

Patrick Bronger is an Expert Portfolio Manager and Sector Head of Macro at APG, and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Patrick is a member of the Hedge Fund and Alternative Alpha Team (HFAAT) at APG which provide pension funds access to the best providers of alternative alpha, while pioneering to achieve client ambitions also in the alternative alpha space. Although being a generalist, Patrick has a special responsibility for global macro mandates. Patrick has been investing in hedge funds on behalf of several pension funds and insurance companies. He also worked as the Head of Investment Strategy at a.s.r. and has been the Chief Investment Officer of the Conservatrix Group. He began his career as a market maker on EUREX. Patrick is a permanent faculty member of the School of Business & Economics of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He has been a faculty member of the Rotterdam School of Management and a visiting scholar at Università la Sapienza di Roma. He holds degrees in philosophy from Erasmus University Rotterdam and in financial analysis from Vrije Universiteit Rotterdam.