Vishal Tourani

COO, Oxbow Capital Management

Vishal Tourani is the Chief Operating Officer of Oxbow Capital Management (HK) Limited. He joined Oxbow in April 2015 and is responsible for overseeing non-investment activities including the firm's organizational, operational and compliance framework. This includes managing a team of personnel across business development, operations and administration and being involved in market and non-market risk management. Prior to Oxbow, Vishal was the Chief Operating Officer and a partner at Central Asset Investments (CAI), a multi-strategy investment firm based in Hong Kong. He joined CAI at its inception in 2005 and was actively involved during the setup phase and was responsible for all non-investment activities including business development and managing the firm's key relationships. Prior to joining CAI, Vishal worked at Fore Research & Management as a trader, CLSA in Equity Derivatives and spent a year managing his family business. Vishal graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Economics from the London School of Economics in 2000. He is a member of the AIMA Hong Kong Executive Committee. Vishal was born and raised in Hong Kong.