Edward J. Rogers

Vice Chairman, AIMA Japan / CEO & CIO, Rogers Investment Advisors

Edward J. Rogers is Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Tokyo-based Rogers Investment Advisors K.K and founder of the Wolver Hill group of companies in Hong Kong, the US and Cayman.  He is also Vice-Chairman of the Japan Branch of the Alternative Investment Management Association Ltd. (AIMA). Rogers Investment Advisors (“RIA”) is a specialist in performing intensive hedge fund due diligence and managing Asian hedge fund strategies.

Mr. Rogers has over 30 years of experience in Asia and financial services. Prior to launching Rogers Investment Advisors, Mr. Rogers was a member of Deutsche Bank Tokyo’s Equities Management Committee and Head of Prime Services sales for Japan.  Mr. Rogers’ Asian career began in 1987 when he was awarded a Princeton in Asia Fellowship for Japan.

Mr. Rogers DEI and ESG focused extra-curricular activities include serving as a Trustee on the Board of Princeton in Asia, Chairman of St. Alban’s Church (Tokyo) Endowment Fund, President of the Princeton Club of Japan, and being a founding member of the Japan Center of the Asia Society.  He received a BA in History from Princeton University and an MBA from Georgetown University.