AIMA Global Investor Board

The mission of the AIMA Global Investor Board (GIB) is to be an advisory body to channel the ideas of the allocator community back to alternative asset managers industry participants so that they can continue to evolve and meet the changing needs of investors. 

The following are currently members of the AIMA Global Investor Board:

Mr Eduard van Gelderen

Global Investor Board Chair
Chief Investment Officer 
PSP Investments

Ms Helen Idenstedt

Head of External Partnerships & Innovation
Forsta AP Fonden (AP1)

Mr Mark Burbach


Mr Scott Chan

Deputy CIO

Ms Heather Cooke

Chief Investment Officer
The Audra Group

Mr Henry Chau

Head of Investments
The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Ms Anne-Marie Fink

Chief Investment Officer, Private Market Funds & Alpha
State of Wisconsin Investment Board

Mr Swee Chiang Chiam

Managing Director, Head, Total Portfolio Policy & Allocation

Mr Frank Mihail

Chief Investment Officer
North Dakota Department of Trust Lands

Ms Tammi Fisher

Head of Alternatives
Future Fund

Mr Puneet Kohli

Senior Managing Director, External Managers Group, Capital Markets
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

Mr Derek Walker

Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Design & Construction, Total Fund Management
CPP Investments

Mr Christopher Schelling

Director of Private Investments

Mr Sanjay Tikku

Senior Advisor
KAUST Investment Management Company

Mr Michael Oliver Weinberg

Independent Fund Director
CMT Portfolio Advisors

Mr Yoshi Kiguchi

Chief Investment Officer
Pension Fund of Japanese Corporations

Mr Stewart Brentnall

Chief Investment Officer
New South Wales Treasury Corporation

Mr Charles Hyde

Head of Asset Allocation
New Zealand Superannuation Fund


Mr Diego Martins

Pragma Patrimonio