Our structure

The Alternative Investment Management Association Limited (AIMA) is a private Company Limited by Guarantee, based in the UK. Members and prospective members should review our Memorandum and Articles.

AIMA is a global, not-for-profit trade association. Membership is corporate and is supported by headquarters in London, with branch offices or subsidiaries (in Hong Kong, ShanghaiSingapore and Canada), other local administrative centres (in the USA, Australia and Cayman) and representation also in Bermuda, Japan and the Middle East.

AIMA is governed by a Council of:

  • 1 appointed Chairman
  • 6 individuals elected every two years and representing the three regions across the world
  • the Chief Executive Officer, and
  • other appointments made by the Council

Specialist committees and working groups, all made up of members, work with the secretariat to implement all strategy, which is developed by the Council.