Corporate Social Responsibility

At AIMA, we are deeply committed to playing a positive role in the global communities in which we operate.   Our members and the broader alternative investment industry perform an important social role by managing investments for pension funds, university endowments, charitable foundations, and other socially important investors.

Just as alternative investments enhance a portfolio, so too do alternative perspectives enhance society. That is why we are proud supporters of efforts to make the alternative investment management industry more diverse and inclusive.

With the help of our Global Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee and our members around the world, we have written the first ever guide to improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) in our industry. We continue to hold D&I events around the world, working with stakeholders on this crucial issue. To that end, we are also proud signatories of the UK’s Women in Finance Charter.

AIMA is also committed to doing its part to protect the environment. As a global organisation we go wherever alternative investment managers can be found; this often necessitates contributing to carbon emissions. That is why we have assessed our carbon footprint and offset our emissions. We are proud to be a carbon neutral organisation.

Finally, we recognise that there is only so much that we can do through our day-to-day activities. That is why we support charitable organisations. AIMA’s CEO, Jack Inglis, is the Chair of Help For Children UK, and we are proud to support the vital work that they do.

As we support our members around the world, we will continue to look for opportunities to take the extra step. Alternative investment managers contribute positively to society; it is only right that their global representative should also do its part.