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AIMA is dedicated to offering you a wide and growing range of services that address the real issues facing your business, wherever you are based. 

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AIMA NewsWire

The AIMA NewsWire provides updates to AIMA members on the Association’s global activities and guidance on regulatory, tax and policy developments affecting the alternative investment fund industry. It is based on the content of our main newsletter for members, the AIMA Weekly News.

Our Events

AIMA organises more than 200 conferences, training seminars, briefings and webinars each year. We also partner with dozens of third-party events worldwide, often securing discounts for AIMA members.

Due Diligence Questionnaires

AIMA's DDQs, available only to AIMA members, assist a) und managers in their choice of service providers, directors and boards of those funds; and b) investors in assessing the fund investments they might make.

Guides to Sound Practices

AIMA's Guides to Sound Practice comprises the widest body of sound practice output and guidance on the alternative investment fund industry.

Regulation and tax guidance

AIMA’s Government and Regulatory Affairs team aims to represent the voice of the industry to policy makers, legislators and regulatory authorities. Our guidance covers regulatory and tax issues throughout the world.

Committees and Working Groups

AIMA's Membership Committees and Working Groups are open to AIMA member firms. Opportunities to participate in them are highlighted in the AIMA Weekly News, AIMA’s global newsletter.

AIMA Journal

The AIMA Journal, first published in the 1990s, is our quarterly member magazine, which only AIMA members may contribute to. Each edition is distributed to more than 20,000 contacts globally.

Our Research

With our research and surveys, we seek to explain the value of the industry to investors, policymakers, regulators, the media and the public.

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