AIFMD Review survey now open

Published: 12 February 2018


KPMG, as part of its mandate from the European Commission in connection with the AIFMD review, has created a survey to assist with a study into how the AIFMD has worked in practice and to what extent the Directive's objectives have been met.

The online survey (accessible here) can be completed until 15 March. A wide range of stakeholders impacted by the AIFMD, including AIFMs, depositaries, investors, distributors and asset managers from both inside and outside EU are permitted and encouraged to complete the survey.  For AIFMs, the baseline question set includes about 160 questions, and more questions and/or explanation fields appear depending on what responses are given. 

The questionnaire contains some questions which will appear for all AIFM respondents (regardless of their authorisation status) but which are applicable only if the AIFM is an EU AIFM authorised in a Member State.  Please take care to respond to only those questions applicable to your firm’s status, leaving inapplicable questions blank.  We will be working with a group of members to prepare an annotated version of the questionnaire to help members identify potentially inapplicable questions and pointing out the issues where AIMA has previously taken a position.  Members should feel free to consider AIMA’s notes but should not feel constrained to respond in a particular way as a result of them.

The question set for associations is a small sub-set of the full list of questions presented to AIFMs.  As a result, we hope that a large portion of membership (both inside and outside the EU) will fill in the questionnaire to assure the alternative asset management industry is well represented in the resulting statistics.  Please do take the time to respond to the questionnaire.

NOTE: At the start of the questionnaire you are given the option of receiving a bespoke link to the questionnaire that will allow you to save answers and come back to them over several sessions.  There is also the option to print the questions in the upper right hand corner.

If you have any questions regarding the questionnaire or the AIFMD review in general, please contact Jennifer Wood.