AIMA and ACC publish an update to AIFMD review

Published: 24 May 2022

On May 20th AIMA and ACC published an update to the ongoing AIFMD review. Progress for the review is ongoing, with the Council working party meeting on 13 May in line with hopes to reach an agreement prior to the end of the French presidency in late June and the rapporteur working toward a potential ECON vote in September. Our update follows the current amendments being considered with specific focus to the following:

  • Delegation;
  • Liquidity Management Tools (LMTs);
  • Loan-origination;
  • Depositary services; and
  • Other Issues.

Please note the file remains under active review and therefore the details in this summary are subject to change. 

 For further information please contact Nicholas Smith ([email protected]) with any questions related to loan funds and Jennifer Wood ([email protected]) with questions regarding anything else in the proposal.