AIMA Webinar Replay: Maple Model 2.0: Total Portfolio Management Approach

Published: 19 November 2021

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For last year’s joint event with 100 Women in Finance, we held a robust discussion on the “Canadian model” of institutional investing that focused on independent governance, internal investment talent, size, scale, and true global asset-class diversification.

This year, we will revisit the “Maple Model” of investing again but this time with a focus on Total Portfolio Management approach used within the Canadian institutional investment model.

Join us for a lively discussion from leading pension and family office managers, as they examine the Total Portfolio Management approach:

  • Designing and implementing a holistic investment portfolio over various time horizons.
  • Factor investing considerations.
  • Responsible investing as an impact or risk management evaluation.
  • Systematic investing during periods of dislocation.
  • Technology, Data & Analytics requirements.
  • The impact of liquidity, term, and taxation on portfolio construction.
  • Differences in management approach between the types of institution (family office and pension)


  • Rachael Volynsky, CIO, Mercer Delegated Solutions
  • Heather Cooke, CIO, The Audra Group Family Office
  • Janet Rabovsky, CIO, Fairwater Capital Corporation
  • Brandon Gill New, Senior Portfolio Manager Multi Strategy Investments, OP Trust


  • Alana Johnston Gould, Director, Prime Services Capital Introduction, Scotiabank Global Banking and Markets

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