Press Release: Alternative Credit Council launches Investor Manager Committee

Published: 05 May 2021

Alternative Credit Council launches Investor Manager Committee

London, (05 May 2021): The Alternative Credit Council (ACC) is delighted to announce the launch of its ‘Investor Manager Committee’.  Private credit is an increasingly important and growing part of the alternative investment market for asset managers and their investors.  The ACC believes that better engagement between investors and their asset managers on current market developments will help support the sustainable growth of private credit as an asset class.

This committee will serve as a practical peer group to facilitate the ACC’s work on key areas where market practice is still evolving and where solutions to shared commercial and operational issues would be beneficial.  Additionally, it will support the ACC’s educational and advocacy efforts to broaden the understanding of private credit as an asset class.

The work of the committee will focus on the following priorities:

  1. Collection and analysis of private credit market data.
  2. ESG thought leadership and provision of practical support material.
  3. Educational output supporting the understanding of key private credit strategies.

As its first output, the committee will publish a private credit investor DDQ with a focus on ESG due diligence.

The committee is comprised of representatives from 23 global investors and asset managers, led by the following distinguished industry professionals:


  • Erica Frontiero, Managing Director, Carlyle Global Credit, COO of Global Capital Markets and Head of Capital Solutions, The Carlyle Group
  • Elena Boeva, U.S. Chief Operating Officer, AFLAC Global Investments


  • Nathan Brown, Chief Operating Officer, Arcmont Asset Management
  • Stephen McClelland, Director of Credit Strategies, Virginia Retirement System

Jiří Krόl, Global Head of the Alternative Credit Council commented: 

“Many challenges facing the private credit industry impact both managers and investors in equal measure.  Both groups are key stakeholders in these evolving discussions, and we believe it is incumbent on the ACC to provide a platform for common engagement.  We look forward to working with the distinguished members of this group to remain at the forefront of supporting the growth of the private credit industry.”

Elena Boeva, U.S. Chief Operating Officer at AFLAC Global Investments commented:

“After a decade of fast-paced growth, private credit performance during the worst of the pandemic has proven itself as a valuable driver for increased returns in institutional portfolios.  The ACC’s focus on private credit as an asset class and advancement of best practices in this market is an important step in recognizing the growing focus for both managers and investors.”  

Erica Frontiero, Managing Director of Carlyle Global Credit, COO of Global Capital Markets and Head of Capital Solutions at The Carlyle Group commented:

“Private credit has been battle-tested through the pandemic and has moved from being an alternative, niche asset class to become a core part of any diversified portfolio.  The ACC is focused on providing a platform for both managers and investors to come together to support the sector’s continued institutionalization.”

Nathan Brown, Chief Operating Officer at Arcmont Asset Management commented:

“Direct lending and private credit are now a well-established part of the investment spectrum, deserving of their own industry voice.  I’m delighted to work with the ACC in promoting the interests of both investors and managers in this increasingly important part of the market.”

Stephen McClelland, Director of Credit Strategies at the Virginia Retirement System commented:

“The private credit landscape has expanded tremendously in the past decade.  Working with the ACC and partnering with other long-time industry participants provides a tremendous opportunity for sharing ideas to promote responsible growth in the asset class.”



For further information, contact:

Laura Morrissey, Hume Brophy: [email protected]

About the ACC

The Alternative Credit Council (ACC) is the global body representing asset management firms in the private credit and direct lending space.  It currently represents over 200 members that manage $450bn of private credit assets.  The ACC is an affiliate of AIMA (the Alternative Investment Management Association).  It is governed by its own board which ultimately reports to the AIMA Council.  ACC members provide an important source of funding to the economy.  They finance mid-market corporates, SMEs, commercial and residential real estate developments, infrastructure and the trade and receivables business.  The ACC provides guidance on policy and regulatory matters, supports wider advocacy and educational efforts and produces industry research to strengthen the sector's sustainability and economic and financial benefits.  Alternative credit, private debt or direct lending funds have grown substantially in recent years and are becoming a key segment of the asset management industry.  The ACC seeks to explain the value of private credit by highlighting the sector's wider economic and financial stability benefits.

About AIMA

The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) is the global representative of the alternative investment industry, with around 2,000 corporate members in over 60 countries. AIMA’s fund manager members collectively manage more than $2 trillion in hedge fund and private credit assets.  AIMA draws upon the expertise and diversity of its membership to provide leadership in industry initiatives such as advocacy, policy and regulatory engagement, educational programmes and sound practice guides.  AIMA works to raise media and public awareness of the value of the industry.  AIMA set up the Alternative Credit Council (ACC) to help firms focused in the private credit and direct lending space.  The ACC currently represents over 200 members that manage $450bn of private credit assets globally.  AIMA is committed to developing skills and education standards and is a co-founder of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst designation (CAIA) – the first and only specialised educational standard for alternative investment specialists.  AIMA is governed by its Council (Board of Directors).