Careers Network

Hello and welcome to AIMA’s Careers Network.

We have carved a space for individuals across our industry dedicated to self-development and fellowship. Whether you wish to meet and learn from like-minded professionals or seek a safe space to offload and take a break, the network hosts a number of initiatives to support you at all stages of your career.

 If you are interested in joining the network and our AIMA Connect communities, please contact me at [email protected].  

Aniqah Rao

Associate Director, Markets, Governance and Innovation

Launched in May 2020,  the Careers Network provides a forum for individuals across the alternative investment industry to connect, find mentors, and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to further their careers.

Two subgroups of the network have been convened for Early Professionals (recent graduates and those with up to 5 years’ experience in the industry) and Middle Level and Experienced Professionals. The sub-groups meet periodically through virtual drop-in chats, where individuals can drop by for any duration and maintain connections. 

The network also holds skills workshops for each subgroup, with a focus on self and career development. Our first series of workshops were held in July 2020 and focused on how individuals could develop their personal brand (and virtually) and career moves abroad.

Beyond gatherings, members of the network are able to engage with one another directly and share resources via the AIMA Connect platform.