About RCA

The Regulatory Compliance Association (RCA) is a not-for-profit organization with over 78,000 alternative investment operations, compliance, investment and legal executives.

The RCA is chartered as a graduate-level institution and accreditation agency - charged with the mandate of protecting investors and capital markets through accredited education of market participants.

The RCA has been instrumental in assisting alternative investment firms and asset managers to:
  • Achieve Superior Regulatory Examination Readiness™
  • Win new investment mandates and allocations
  • Enhance succession planning through effective knowledge management
  • Institutionalize training and professional development
  • Access senior regulatory officials

The RCA offers 5 channels of curricula, covering over 3,500 subjects, including:

  • JD & Masters Concentration in Asset Management Practice, Compliance & Regulation
  • myUniversity
  • PraticEdge Elite
  • RCA Symposia
  • The RCA’s PracticEdge™ Webcast Series

Additionally, various regulatory agencies and asset management organizations use the RCA to develop specialized curricula, degree and certification programs for their examination/enforcement staff and personnel respectively.

For example, the RCA developed the Examiner Certification Program for the National Futures Association, required by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2008.