AIMA & 100 women in finance: Training session 4 - Delivery

Australia Australia

Objective: To run a highly professional and targeted communication development program that aims to create a cohort of women in the funds management, banking and finance industry capable, willing and confident to speak at conferences, events, panels, working groups, committees, and to chair meetings, in both in-person and online environments. The program will be followed by opportunities for each participant to be involved in a range of industry events.

Background: Despite concerted efforts over many years by AIMA and 100 Women in Finance (100WF), it is often challenging to ensure women are appropriately represented on podiums, panel discussions, committees, round tables and generally across industry events. While there are women who are capable and willing to present, there is insufficient depth and breadth to ensure a variety of voices are heard within the industry. By running this program, aimed at women with expertise in their field but with limited public speaking experience, we hope to be able deepen the pool of women speakers ready, willing and able to share their opinions and guide conversations across the industry.

Pilot and Ongoing Nature of the Program: The inaugural program will be a pilot and we will be requesting feedback, recommendations, and revisions as we proceed. However, it is our intent that, subject to this pilot being successful, we will run the program on an ongoing basis, to ensure maximum reach and impact.