AIMA DAWG presents: Digital asset custody for institutional investors

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AIMA, together with leading digital asset custodians and industry experts, has published a new Industry Guide on Digital Asset Custody for institutional investors. It provides industry guidance on sound practices and key considerations around due diligence for institutional investors determining how to custody their digital assets.

This webinar will aim to look at the current landscape for custody of digital assets and the key technical, business and risk considerations. Speakers will discuss the guide’s contents and consider various topics such as regulation, biggest challenges for custodians, poor custody practices seen in due diligence, developing sound practices / standardisation and custody issues due to the advent of DeFi.


  • James Delaney, Director, Government Affairs, AIMA


  • Haydn Jones, Director, UK Crypto and Blockchain Lead, PwC
  • Richard Itri, Chief Innovation Officer, ECI


  • Robert Cooper, CEO, Digivault 
  • Maxime de Guillebon, CEO, Zodia Custody 
  • Steven D'Mello, Partner - Operational Due Diligence, Albourne Partners 
  • Asen Kostadinov, Chief Strategy Officer, Copper