Unpacking DORA: The new operational resilience regulation

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The European Union Framework for Digital Operational Resilience (“DORA”) enters into force in January 2025 and will be a step change for the financial sector. Whilst 2025 might seem far in the future, the implications of DORA are broad and the various regulatory technical standards (“level II texts”) to follow may not be published until late 2024 giving a very short lead time for implementation.

Firms should start to prepare early and consider how they will be impacted and the steps they can take now to be in the best position for day one compliance with the new requirements. This session broke down the key requirements and provide insights on sound practices and international standards which may influence the level II texts.


  • Teresa McLaughlin, Vice President, Financial Services Compliance & Regulation, Kroll
  • Edward Starkie, Associate Managing Director, Cyber Security Risk, Kroll
  • James Delaney, Director, Asset Management Regulation, AIMA

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