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UK Responsible Investment ESG

Responsible investment is here to stay. This may come as a surprise to some in the hedge fund community, given the historical unconstrained investments approach. Hedge fund managers value the flexibility, and some have even expressed concerns that adopting responsible investment principles could hurt their ability to protect and grow the capital of their investors. Firms now realise that today’s investors, both institutions or individuals, expect to see their principles reflected in their investments. As a result, hedge fund firms are beginning to implement responsible investment, be it through the screening of certain securities, the analysis of environmental, social, and governance factors, or even through impact investing.

AIMA & KPMG invite you to join us for this afternoon discussion about the latest trends in responsible investment, ESG and how alternative asset management businesses adapting to these practices. Understand how firms have been embracing responsible investment and responding to the pressure coming from both investors and industry leaders.


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