AIMA/ACC Australia Seminar: Aircraft direct lending


Over the next 20 years it is estimated that 35,000 aircraft worth $5trn will be delivered globally.  The demand for air travel has been driven by the large and continuing growth in the global middle class and there is becoming a significant gap between the reduced supply of traditional bank capital due to regulatory constraints and the growing capital needs of the sector. With this as the scene AIMA/ACC has the pleasure to invite you to a talk by John Morabito, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, EnTrust Global Blue Sky.
  1. Investment throughout the capital structure of commercial aviation assets
  2. Primary issuance loans
  3. Secondary market loans and debt securities
  4. Operating leases on commercial aircraft
  5. As well as other types of financing
Speaker/Presenter Bio:
John Morabito – Managing Director, Portfolio Manager: EnTrust Global Blue Sky
John 18 years global experience in Financial Markets, specializing in Aviation & Transportation Finance and prior to Entrust he pioneered joint venture with Tokyo Century Corporation in 2014, managing $2bn in aviation investments. Previously to this he held positions at CIT Group Inc. building up the Aviation Finance Portfolio to $11bn.
This is an exclusive invitation for the Alternative Credit Council Members and seats are limited to a maximum of 15.

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