AIMA APAC FMB Webinar: China Tax Update on New QFII/RQFII Scheme

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AIMA APAC invites you to join our FMB webinar on 28 January 2021.

China started to implement a new QFII/RQFII’s scheme since 1 November 2020, including (a) removed foreign exchange quota; (b) simplified profit repatriation procedures; (c) expanded scope of investment; and (d) combined QFII and RQFII schemes.  The new QFII/RQFII scheme will in no doubt offer a convenient process and potential opportunities for foreign institutional investors to participate in PRC capital market.

Due to these changes, QFIIs/RQFIIs running business under a traditional model might trigger new China tax issues/considerations with their expanded investments/operations under the new policies.  On the other hand, more QFIIs/RQFIIs are exploring a new model of using China onshore Private Fund Management (“PFM”) WFOE to provide services for offshore funds.  

In this session, Cindy Li, EY China Tax Partner, would share with us the key China tax considerations, challenges and the local practice in China under the new QFII/RQFII scheme.  Hopefully, this session will help fund managers and international investors to have an outlook of China tax update and the practical ways to mitigate tax uncertainties.

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Replay can be found here. Should there be any questions, please email us here


  • Michael Bugel, Managing Director & Co-Head of APAC, AIMA
  • Cindy Li, EY China Tax Partner


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