AIMA APAC Fund Manager Briefing: Cross Border Insolvency

Singapore China Japan Hong Kong Australia

AIMA APAC invites you to join our Fund Manager Briefing on 16 September 2020.

This session will cover an overview of the key issues and considerations that arise in a cross-border insolvency situation and insights into the issues that specialist insolvency practitioners will be examining to either create options for creditor clients or, when acting debtor side, to limit the creditors’ leverage.

It will look at the regimes in the key international hubs but also look more generally at the fundamental principles underlying this area of the law to provide members with the tools to ask the right questions on any situation and fully evaluate their position.

Richard Woodworth, Partner, Restructuring & Recovery, Hong Kong, Allen & Overy
David Walter, Partner, Restructuring & Recovery, Sydney, Allen & Overy


A recording is available for replay here. Please contact [email protected] for the password.

Please note these sessions are open to AIMA fund managers members only.

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