AIMA APAC Fund Manager Briefing: Market Structure 2020 Half Year Review

Singapore China Japan Hong Kong Australia

AIMA APAC invites you to join our Fund Manager Briefing on 14 July 2020.

2020 has been a roller coaster ride for the equity markets. Whilst the initial sharp sell-off, volatility and volume peaks we saw in March have subdued, we continue to see significant shifts in market structure that mandate continued re-assessing of approach to the current market, for both investment managers and policy makers alike.

In this session we will discuss:
  • Microstructure shifts observed from Jan to Jun this year
  • Policy maker’s response to volatility in March and its impact on participants
  • Market Structure themes that were topical in first half and what will be relevant in second half of 2020
Winnie Khattar
, APAC Head of Market Structure, Bank of America Securities

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