AIMA APAC Webinar: Investor Cybersecurity considerations for External Investment Managers

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AIMA invites you to this webinar on 30 March 2021.

With recent high profile cyber attacks against managers and APRA’s Executive increased rhetoric with regards to cyber risk and the implications of APRA’s  CPS 234 – Information Security standards currently sit high on the agenda for investors, particularly Superannuation Funds that are regulated by APRA.   

The implications of the above will be significant for investment managers who have, or are looking to raise, capital from Superannuation funds.

In this panel we will discuss:

  • The evolving expectations of Superannuation Funds, with respect to their investment managers, as they look to reduce cyber risk and also comply with the requirements of the standard; and
  • The implications of APRA’s CPS234 Information Security standard on investment managers
Final AIMA Webinar _30 March 2021.pdf

Replay can be found here. Should there be any questions, please email us here. 

AIMA Host: Michael Gallagher, Head of Australia, AIMA


Aria Shanker, Technology Risk Advisor, Cbus Super
Rody Posthuma, Partner, Financial Services, EY
Sri Hiremath, Head of Technology Risk, Security and Assurance, Telstra Super



Hanny Hassan, Partner, Financial Services, Technology Risk, EY