AIMA APAC Webinar: The future of listed fund products in Australia?

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The rise and rise of listed products in Australia, proceeded by LIC’s and LIT’s but now ETF’s and ETMF’s has been well documented.  Particularly the discounts to NTA seen in the LIC’s/LIT’s sub-sector and their prevalence at last years election in the dividend franking credit debate.  New structures to allow “transferring” from LIC’s/LIT’s to ETMF’s and unlisted structures, closures, MFunds, Aqua, market makers and activists seem the new normal…but where will it all end?  Join our panel to discuss the future of these structures.


  • Andrew Campion, ASX
  • Harvey Kalman, EQT
  • Nicholas Happell, Mainstream
  • Glen Dogan, Perpetual


  • Michael Gallagher, AIMA