AIMA APAC Webinar: Through the CCO/COO's Lens – Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Compliance & Operations

Singapore China Japan Hong Kong Australia

AIMA APAC invites you to join our webinar on 19 August 2020.
Work from home, work from office, health and safe distancing measures… What are the challenges that hedge fund managers continue to face in a post-lockdown world? How are they practically dealing with these challenges?
This webinar will review those areas through the lens of CCO/COOs of hedge fund managers in both Singapore and Hong Kong. The panel will discuss the lasting effects of the COVID-19 fallout on operations and compliance at hedge funds, as well as some practical tools for the following:
  • Business planning
  • Personnel management
  • Communications
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Managing expenses
  • Continued digitisation
Elaine Davis, COO/CCO, Nine Masts Capital, Hong Kong
Greg Laughlin, CEO/COO, Regal Funds Management Asia, Singapore
Damayanti Shahani, Founder & Managing Director, Principium Consulting