AIMA APAC Webinar: Understanding the Economy Through Machine Learning: A Textual Analysis

Australia Artificial Intelligence Technology

AIMA has the pleasure of welcoming back Professor Bryan Kelly from AQR, this time to  examine  “Understanding the Economy Through Machine Learning: A Textual Analysis”. This session will provide a great follow up to the sessions held in 2019, when Professor Kelly presented “Can Machines Learn Finance?”  

In this presentation, Professor Kelly outlines a new approach, underpinned by machine learning techniques, to measuring the state of the economy via textual analysis of news.

One of the primary roles of the Economics profession is measuring the state of the economy and developing models that link these measurements to distributions of future outcomes. While vast resources, both public and private, are devoted to measuring many facets of economic activity, the task is notoriously difficult: the economy is a complex system which defies simple measurement. However, there is a large, unstructured data source imbued with a richness of narrative derived from human understanding, which is a one-stop shop for understanding many facets of the state of the economy and how they interact with each other – our daily business news.

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Replay can be found here


  • Michael Gallagher, Managing Director, Head of Australia, AIMA
  • Bryan Kelly, Head of Machine Learning, AQR Capital Management