AIMA Australia/CAIA Education Seminar: Liquidity; the benefits of a diverse toolbox


The identification and control of liquidity risk continues to receive attention from regulators globally which makes sense given how rapidly liquidity can increase and recede. It’s also one of the hardest risks to model. Some say it’s impossible, and that surviving a liquidity trap is a matter of luck. Others point out that luck is preparedness meeting opportunity, or perhaps preparedness meeting crisis. The key is what to be prepared with, and having a diverse array of tools maximises the chances of success. During this session we’ll discuss the array of liquidity tools available to asset managers, their costs and benefits, and how to apply them effectively.
Craig Roodt – Investment governance and risk lead, Deloitte
Luke Stevens – CFO, Caledonia
CIO – Super fund – to be confirmed
Jo Murphy, CAIA
RSVP by 5pm Monday July 22nd 5.00pm.