AIMA Australia Education Forum - Alternative Alternates


We are pleased to invite you to “Alternative Alternates”, showcasing non-mainstream AIMA members funds. 

This forum will feature the funds and fund managers amongst us who are running and investing in real non-correlated different strategies, it’s a must for members, investors and invited media who are interested in learning about alternatives to traditional alternate funds.  The three funds featured in this session are:

Blue Sky Water Fund - Kim Morrison (MD Real Assets) - the fund invests in a diversified portfolio of Australian water rights, which represent the lifeblood of Australia’s highest value agricultural industries. The Fund derives annual income from the sale or lease of annual water supplies to irrigation farmers.  The Fund is positioned to benefit from anticipated capital growth in these scarce assets over time as water is bid from lower value to higher value agricultural enterprises reflecting growth in high value export food and fibre markets, and increasing investment in Australia’s agricultural sector.

Global Credit Investments (“GCI”) – Steven Sher (Co-founder) - is a specialist credit fund manager focused on generating stable income through the acquisition of high quality short-duration credit assets. Short-term credit has historically been largely inaccessible to non-bank investors however advances in technology have allowed technology-enabled credit originators to create opportunities for investors such as GCI to acquire credit that historically sat on a bank’s balance sheet. GCI currently manages the GCI Diversified Income Fund (DIF) and uses proprietary algorithms to  acquire prime consumer credit in the US and will soon be adding short-term US real estate credit to the fund. The GCI DIF uses significant diversification to reduce risk of capital loss and the assets in the fund have very low correlation to mainstream asset classes such as equities, bonds and real estate.

Hunter Burton Capital – David Campbell (CEO & Co founder) - Hunter Burton Capital is a discretionary managed account service started in 2013 to invest in the currencies of the developed nations. HBC runs two funds, the income fund which aims for consistent low volatility returns and the alpha fund that looks to capitalise on longer term,  bigger picture themes.