AIMA Australia Seminar: Alternative Risk Premia; has the bubble burst?


AIMA is pleased to invite you to our upcoming forum to be held from 12.15pm on Tuesday June 18th at HSBC’s Sydney office. 
The last few years have seen a proliferation of uptake by allocators into Alterantive Risk Premia and all its so called similar or peer group strategies. With 2018 offering mixed and muted returns in this subset of Alternatives this session will explore how the various strategies differ, the myths and misconceptions around these, what the investor should expect given certain market conditions and did they live up to those expectations. We will also examine whats in store in the future and discuss their role in portfolios.
Simon Wills – AQR.
Peter Ewing – Winton Capital.
Hersh Gandhi – MAN Group.
David Griffith – Blackrock.
Moderator – Sam Mann – Longreach Alternatives
Please RSVP before 5PM on 14 June.

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