AIMA Australia Webinar: Design and distribution obligations (DDO) - Programme for preparation and commencement Session 3.1 - DDO Tech Solutions


Issuers and distributors of financial products must comply with the design and distribution obligations in Pt 7.8A of the Corporations Act 2001 (Corporations Act) from 5 October 2021.  The design and distribution obligations (DDO) require issuers and distributors to develop and maintain effective product governance arrangements across the life cycle of financial products.
In order for members to be better prepared for the DDO regime AIMA is planning to hold a series of sessions. 
SESSION 3.1 - DDO – Tech solutions
AIMA has invited the following Tech providers to showcase their solutions to DDO. 
Final AIMA Webinar _15 Jun 2021.pdf

A recording is available for replay here.

Margot Gray, Head of Business Development, BC Gateways
Sarah Penn, CEO, Mayflower Consulting
Michael Gallagher, Head of Australia, AIMA