AIMA Australia Women in Alternatives Working Group


AIMA has the pleasure of inviting staff of members to the AIMA Australia Women’s working group on the 21st of April, 11am by zoom call only. 
The intention of this round table is too finalise the terms of reference and goals for this group.  The purpose of the group is to help shape and advise AIMA Australia’s initiatives in this area and advise AIMA Australia’s Executive and sub-committees.
Agenda (not included to):
  • Recap previous initiatives
  • Discuss AIMA’s global and local initiatives & priorities
  • Finalise the terms of reference and goals for this group
  • Assign responsibilities
Attendees: AIMA is looking for attendees who are ready to “roll up their sleeves” and identify and execute actionable goals.  Attendees will be staff of current AIMA members and will register a topic for discussion anonyms upon registration.
Please RSVP before 5.00pm on Tuesday the 20th of April.